Chid Psychology

Children are the life and blood of our community. We simply cannot afford to leave any child behind. Our child psychologists in Montreal holistic wellness clinic want to give children to live the fulfilling lives that they deserve. Children are just as sensitive as adults, and they should not have life stressors inhibiting their potential.There are many things that can harm children emotionally. Studies show that children form very complex relationships with their peers. The emotional pain that children feel is as real as actual physical pain. However, it is difficult for adults to recognize this because physical pain is automatically associated with a body part, whereas emotional pain has no such analogue.For that reason, it is easy for children’s pain to remain unnoticed. In turn, that pain can snowball into full-blown psychological conditions like Major Depression, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, or worse. To avoid the social and health costs of burdening your children with emotional pain, it is very important that you call us:

Dr. Mryam Gerami at (438) 496-7747

Abedin Filoo at (514) 377-0951

Mythra Ghandili (Athisem Specialist) at (514) 967-3744

Your child’s future depends on it.

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