Couple therapy

Couple therapy: When you go in for couple therapy at Montreal holistic wellness clinic you will get to learn a lot about your partner and your relationship. These therapy sessions are often eye-openers for many people. Relationships can hit the rocks for so many reasons, but often the lack of communication is the fate-sealer. If you are not able to communicate effectively with your partner, then you will definitely have a problem in that relationship.Perhaps now is a good time to mention that in couple’s therapy, you can also bring along your friend. There are some friends who you just cannot afford to break up with. If your friendship is strained, you can find someone to help you reconcile your differences, and who better to do that than a professional psychologist? Abedin Filoo is a psychologist holding years upon years of experience in the practice. Rebuilding a relationship is enough reason why you should go for couple therapy.Does it really help?Couples’ and family therapy are very helpful in solving social conflicts between two people or a group of people. If you wish to rebuild a relationship with your spouse, relative or even a friend, therapy is a good way to go. Abedin Filoo is just a phone call away. Get in touch with her today and set up a therapy appointment. Call us at 514-3770951 Psychotherapy: Psychotherapy is more than simply talking to someone. It’s a science.

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