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‘SU’ meaning hand and ‘JOK’meaning foot. Sujok treatment is given only on hands and feet and it hastens healing when hand and feet are stimulated simultaneously.













Sujok is a special science, which exclusively deals with acupressure. It is a method to heal the diseases by stimulation of the hands and feet with a combined use of acupuncture, finger pressure therapy or even with a blunt needle or tip of the ball- point pen. It is a simple method and can be learnt within few minutes.

Prof. Park Joe Woo, a Korean by birth is the originator of this therapy ‘. The treatment involves only hands and feet and hence a simple method to follow and practice.

According to this science the human body is replicated on our palms and feet in a miniature form . It is said that any layman can learn it and practice it without the fear of side effects. It is highly cost effective too.

A diagram depicting the various organs that are represented on our Hand

















The torso is reflected in the palm whereas the head and neck are represented on the thumb. The forefinger and the little finger correspond to the hands whereas the middle fingers to the legs (see diagram).

Even random pressure on these points can help ease pain in the representative body part. This can even happen unknowingly as it is a blessing provided by Mother Nature for self-cure.

Sujok pressure point to stimulate the Brain

One can identify the diseased or defective part by pressing all over and sensing pain at a particular point. The pain is the indication that the corresponding body part needs more energy by way of stimulation or seed therapy.







Sujok pressure point to stimulate the Brain


Seed therapy

Seeds are natural stimulators to the acupressure points and are also part of Sujok therapy.









Seed therapy


Seed therapy is complementary to sujok therapy. After acupressure treatment one can tie seeds, pulses and legumes at the treated point to supply extra life force to facilitate quick healing. Greengrams, kidney beans and peas are frequently used for treatment. Infact, suitable shape, size and color seeds or beans are picked, for example, for kidney treatment the same shape bean is selected. The selected ones are tied to the pain point with an adhesive plaster.

It is believed that many people from Korea and other countries have benefited by the use of this therapy. A common man can use it as self cure method to heal simple ailments like cold, sorethroat or back pain.

Almost all the ailments that are healed by acupressure method, can be cured by Sujok . In fact the diseases can be healed faster and effectively.







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